Earn Free Energy

Ambit Service puts themselves in a category all by themselves with the free energy program.

We know your energy bill is important to you and we want and we want to be worthy of your trust. When you become an Ambit customer and take advantage of our competitive rates, we are confident you will recommend us to others so they can save money each month just like you. As a customer you get a free website where you can refer customers. When they decide to save money and sign up you are going to get credit for it.

When a minimum of 15 customers you refer pay their bills, you will receive a credit* on your energy bill equal to the average of your referral’s payments**. This credit applies every month as long as you maintain a minimum of 15 customers who pay their bills. If the average of your referred customers’ monthly payments is equal to or more than your bill for the month, you pay nothing!

If you are interested in earning free energy or have any questions give us a call today (888-418-4019) and you can be on your way to FREE electricity or natural gas in no time!

Think FREE energy is too good to be true? Check out the actual bill of AmbitService.com customers who are earning free energy below.




* In some service territories the Free Energy credit shows up as a monthly check in the mail instead of a credit on the bill.  In either case this rebate income so it is non-taxable.

** Free energy average does not include taxes and certain delivery charges for which Ambit Service does not control.  Please see Free Energy FAQ document for more details.

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